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How To Manage Your Contract

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Are you a GNWT/NWTHC employee with spending authority over $10,000, or are you responsible for managing contracts? Learn How to Manage Your Contract with Procurement Shared Services in this workshop.

Once your contract has been awarded by Procurement Shared Services and signed by the successful vendor, the file then returns to YOU, the client, to manage.


This workshop will provide client departments with tips and tools for working with vendors to ensure their goods and services delivered and paid for in keeping with the contract.

Topics will include:

•        Basic contract management;

•        Documents required to manage the procurement process;

•        Clauses within those documents designed to protect the GNWT;

•        When and how to change your contract, if required;

•        Delivery of goods/services and the payment process;

•        What to do and/or who to contact if something goes wrong;

•        Monitoring and rating contractor performance;

•        Contract safety obligations and responsibilities; and

•        Managing Contractor Safety from orientation to training to monitoring.

Minimum of five (5) attendees required or offering will be cancelled.  

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