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Returning to the Worksite: The GNWT Approach

Today, the Department of Finance released ‘Returning to the Worksite: The GNWT Approach’ which provides guidance to Government of the Northwest Territories’ (GNWT) departments and agencies on how and when employees should return to their worksites.

The GNWT will continue to follow the guidance and direction of the CPHO when making decisions.  Determining when employees should return to the worksite will be based on various factors, such as what services to residents are required as we move through the phases of returning to normal operations and ensuring that the employee is able to work in an environment that meets all safety protocols.

As an employer, the GNWT will continue to be flexible and will take the individual circumstances of our employees into consideration when planning for the return to the worksite. 

If you are an employee who will be returning to the worksite, management will be in touch about the approved plan to return safely and will provide you with a return date.  Until management is in contact with you about a return date, you will continue to work from home. 

Additional resources will be posted here as they become available.


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