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How to Register into a Course Session

  1. Click ‘Register’ on a preferred course session, if you have not logged in you will be redirected to the Login screen. Note: Waitlists. If the course session is full, you still have the option to be added to a waitlist. Waitlists are established for each course session and does not transfer registrants to another course session. Applicants must re-register for another course session if no one withdraws.
  2. Complete the registration form. Be sure to correctly input your current supervisor’s name and email address, as an approval for training request will be emailed to your supervisor. If you have an acting supervisor, provide their contact information. Click on the “Register’ button.
  3. A ‘pending approval’ screen will be displayed with your personal information and information about the course.
  4. Once your registration has been approved by your Supervisor, you will receive an email notifying you about the course you registered in.
  5. If you notice errors in your personal information, you can make corrections through the ‘Edit’ tab.