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QuickBooks Introduction - Instructor Led Online Series

Tuesday April 20, 2021
9:00am to 12:00pm

This is an Aurora College instructor led online workshop.  For registration/information please contact:

Yellowknife Campus - Karen Horn at or (867) 920-8802

Thebacha Campus -  Jessica Cox at or (867) 872-7507

Aurora Campus - Daniel Dokunmu at or (867) 777-7821

QuickBooks Desktop Series (Instructor-led Online)

This is a series of 3-hour online sessions designed to give users of the QuickBooks Desktop Accounting software a good understanding of the program. We start with an Intro session to help you understand how the program works and what features it includes. Then we continue with 4 more sessions that each focus on 1 module of the program including Sales, Purchases, Payroll, & GST/Banking. Finally we spend the last 2 sessions on learning some of the additional features, as well as tips and tricks to make you even more proficient with the program.

Intro to QuickBooks

This three-hour session includes an overview of the QuickBooks Accounting program and features, as well as a description of the different versions available.  This session gives a basic overview of how the program works and reviews the various modules and features in the program. This will help deepen the understanding for new users or for those who are in the process of choosing an accounting software program for their business or organization.

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