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Coaching for Success

COACHS $250.00 Registration is required
  • Management Series
  • Managers/Supervisors

Prerequisite Course(s):

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Participants are required to complete the eLearning module –“ Coaching Fundamentals” prior to attending the 2 day session – “Coaching for Success”. 

This program delivers training to GNWT supervisory employees to build an understanding of the fundamental principles of coaching, while fostering an appreciation for the value, benefit and efficacy of successful coaching relationships. Coaching is an approach to personal and professional development by building supportive relationships in workplace settings and working toward shared goals.

The Coaching for Success course focuses on changing the way we think about managing people, by adopting the attitudes and communication skills of an effective coach and helps to build self-awareness and mindfulness.  Coaching is the development of a supportive relationship between two people where the coach does not simply provide facts or directions, but helps improves performance by bringing out the best in employees.

This course builds fundamental coaching skills and techniques by shifting the focus from past employee performance to future employee development.  Traditional management styles usually do not focus on continuous employee development and rather, are based on a problem-solving approach. Coaching instead emphasizes the consideration of employee training and development needs through positivity, motivation and overall development.