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DIIMS e-Approve

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  • All GNWT Employees

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Tue, Apr 18 1:30pm to 3:00pm MS Teams Meeting Yes Register

DIIMS e-Approve is a solution to digitize the routing and approval process. It enables you to easily track approvals and completion of tasks electronically, simplify internal processes, and provides you with visibility into all your routings. e-Approve allows you to keep your files together and easily collaborate – help everything move faster with everyone’s actions, questions, and comments in one place.

This session provides introductory training on e-Approve’s commonly used functions and features. At the end of the session, participants will know:

  • How to initiate e-Approve workflows and navigate the system
  • How to update e-Approve workflows and assign approvals and tasks to others
  • How to track and complete e-Approve workflows
  • How to customize e-Approve templates, groups, and tags

DIIMS e-Approve Training is intended for employees in departments which have been implemented on DIIMS (ENR, ITI, Lands, EIA/DAAIR, Finance, INF, Justice, MACA, NWT Housing Corp, and the Legislative Assembly).

Pre-Requisites: Participants should be existing DIIMS users who have already completed DIIMS End User Training and have a knowledge of their departmental file classification systems.  For more information on your department’s procedures, contact your departmental Records Coordinator.