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DIIMS Refresher, Tips and Tricks (Implemented Departments Only)

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  • All GNWT Employees

Upcoming Sessions

Date(s) Time Location Web-based † Facilitator
Thu, Nov 21 10:00am to 12:00pm GoToMeeting Yes Ainsley Zock-Dempsey, Sabrina Meilleur Closed

The DIIMS Refresher, Tips and Tricks session is intended for existing DIIMS users looking to learn new and advanced skills to help them work more effectively and efficiently within the system.  Tips include managing your Favourites, creating Collections, sharing through DIIMS, useful resources, and more. The session will give employees a chance to get hands-on experience with DIIMS and build upon their existing system knowledge.


DIIMS Refresher, Tips and Tricks Training is intended for employees in departments which have been implemented on DIIMS (ENR, ITI, Lands, DAAIR, Finance, INF, Justice, MACA, and the NWT Housing Corp).


Pre-Requisites: Participants should be existing DIIMS users who have already completed DIIMS End User Training and have a knowledge of their departmental file classification systems.  For more information on your department’s procedures, contact your departmental Records Coordinator.