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French Language Communications and Services

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French is an Official Language in the Northwest Territories and the Government of the Northwest Territories recognizes the Francophone language community as an important component of Northwest Territories society and contributor to its social, economic and cultural development.  In recognition of this, the Official Languages have equality of status and equal rights and privileges, the Government of the Northwest Territories has created its Strategic Plan on French Language Communication and Services to guide its departments, boards and agencies in the development, provision and offer of French language services to the Francophone community.

This course will help you ensure that communications and services are delivered in French according to the Standards, Policy, and Regulations which exist under the Official Languages Act of the NWT.

Topics to be covered include:

How to ensure that French services are actively offered and delivered in French

How to ensure public information materials are available in French (including web sites, advertisements, permits, licenses, forms, etc.)

How to ensure that public engagements such as hearings, meetings, evaluations, surveys are conducted according to the Standards.

How to draft RFPs to meet the obligations of French communications and services, and the importance of monitoring and reporting progress in implementing the Strategic Plan.