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Geomatics Onboarding for GIS Users

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  • All GNWT Employees

Online Learning

Below is a list of available online learning modules that can be completed anytime.

  • Introduction – the power of GIS 
    • Take a look at some of the types of work that has been done with GIS within the GNWT.
    • Introduction to NWT Centre for Geomatics (NWTCG)
      • Understand who the NWT Center for Geomatics is, and what we can do to help GNWT GIS users.
    • Enterprise Geodatabase, GeoProd: connecting and indexing, naming convention.
      • 2 how to videos on connecting to the enterprise geodatabase (GeoProd) and searching to find data, how to understand the layer names, data.
      • Connection parameters are also located in the reference document below for ease of copy and paste.
    • Metadata: The Importance of metadata for geospatial data , Creating metadata.
      • 2 videos on why it's important to have metadata on spatial data and what is metadata for geospatial data and how to create it.
    • ESRI desktop: How to switch licence levels & extensions
      • Sometimes, you need access to a different licence level or extension to use specific tools, here’s how to access that.
    • Website resources
      • A quick tour of our public website including, data, pdf maps (can also be used as a starting point on new projects), existing online map viewers, map services, ArcGIS Online, other applications.
    • AGOL account – what you can do with one
      • The GNWT has an ArcGIS Online organizational account. This video shows you some of the types of products possible, using GNWT examples.
    • Web Map Services
      • Explanation on web map services that we host, how to use them, and add to your projects.
    • Document with additional resources.
    • Form to get software installed, access to licences and enterprise geodatabase access.

The GIS onboarding modules are intended for all GNWT GIS users. It is intended to give GIS users a common starting point and understanding of the core geomatics resources available to them.

The modules are a mix of information, best practices and how to’s. The videos are short, each under 10 minutes (some much shorter). You should watch all of them before you start working in GIS.

Any questions, comments, or feedback, please contact us at

Additional Resources

NWTCG Account Creation Software Installation Form