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How to Purchase Goods & Services Under $10,000

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  • All GNWT Employees

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April 1, 2021 until July 31, 2021 the GNWT is temporarily revising limits for the sole sourcing of purchases without a competitive process. Come to this workshop being offered by Procurement Shared Services (PSS) to learn the impact and implication of this change in policy and practice. Topics will include:

  • Decrease from $25,000 to under $10,000 for untendered goods, services and construction.
  • How to obtain the best value possible within the policies of the GNWT?
  • How do these changes affect current policies of the GNWT, i.e.: Business Incentive Policy (BIP), GNWT Procurement Guidelines, Financial Administration Manual (FAM), Standing Offer Agreements (SOA's)?
  • How does this change how I buy/purchase goods under $10,000?
  • When do I need to sole source authorization form?
  • When can I turn the procurement over to PSS?
  • What is a Professional Service and what are the sole source limits for Professional Services?

Minimum of five (5) attendees required or training session will be cancelled. 

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