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Introduction to Program Planning, Monitoring & Evaluation

IPPME $200.00 Registration is required
  • All GNWT Employees
  • Management Series

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Date(s) Time Location Web-based † Facilitator
Tue, Oct 29 to Wed, Oct 30 9:00am to 4:30pm MACA Learning Labs 5th Floor No Angela MacDonald, Deb Bain Register

This 2 day workshop is intended to provide participants with introductory knowledge of program planning, monitoring and evaluation, including the use of GNWT specific tools such as: monitoring and evaluation frameworks, logic model and performance measurement plan. A case study will be used to walk participants through the use of the tools and by the end of the two day session, participants will have a good understanding of what program planning, monitoring and evaluation are, the purpose and application of the framework and the associated tools and the steps in program design, monitoring and evaluation.


No Refreshments will be provided.