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Job Evaluation Methodology – Hay In A Hurry

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  • All GNWT Employees
  • Management Series

Online Learning

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Delivery of Hay In A Hurry will be temporarily delayed pending a platform transfer.  The Hay in a Hurry Administrator will receive your approved course registration and will send you an email to their training portal link with a username and a password when it again becomes available. Our apologies for any inconvenience caused by the delay, and your patience is appreciated.


“Hay in a Hurry” is a 1-hour burst of on-line learning that builds awareness and understanding of Hay job evaluation, which is used at GNWT for grading, organization design and other elements of how we manage human resources.  It is intended to create understanding of what job evaluation is, what factors we consider and what the core concepts are. It is not intended to teach someone to apply the methodology and evaluate jobs, which requires deeper training.


You will have 90 days to complete the course after receiving this information.