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Job Evaluation Methodology – Hay In A Hurry

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‘Hay in a Hurry’ is an approximately 10-minute burst of on-line learning that provides awareness of the internationally used Hay Method of work measurement. The Hay Method is used for consistent evaluation of relative job size, and assisting with organizational design in the GNWT.  The information is intended to create understanding of the core concepts of job evaluation, and what factors are considered. Please note that the information provided is a condensed overview of key elements, and is not instruction on how to apply the methodology and evaluate jobs, which requires deeper training, extensive practice, and mentorship. The module is the intellectual property of Korn Ferry Ltd., and the link to access it may only be used within the GNWT, its Boards and Agencies.

To access the module:

  1. click the link:
  2. Ignore the ‘Purchase Required’ on the left, and look under ‘SELF-REGISTER (FREE ACCESS)’ on the right.
  3. Click the ‘Register Now’ button.
  4. Fill in your name, work email address and create/confirm a password, and just the country fields. You will then have access to the free module.

Once you’ve viewed the module, please be sure to Mark as Completed on your dashboard.