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Supervisor Safety Training

SST $155.00 Registration is required
  • All GNWT Employees
  • Management Series
  • Managers/Supervisors

Upcoming Sessions

There are currently no sessions scheduled for this course.

Course Outline

The WSCC-Approved Supervisor Safety Course is designed to educate individuals working in supervisory positions in the Northwest Territories and Nunavut in their roles and responsibilities within workplace safety. The course consists of eight modules:

  1. Legislation
  2. Responsibilities
  3. Leadership in Safety
  4. Offences & Punishment
  5. OHS Programs
  6. Reporting Requirements
  7. Contractor Safety Management
  8. Return to Work Programs

Delivery Method

This program will be delivered using Zoom. All participants are responsible for ensuring they have it installed and are somewhat familiar with this software. Participants will also require the following:

  • Computer with a webcam
  • Reliable Wi-Fi connection
  • Headset (headphone and microphone) are recommended to ensure audio clarity
  • A copy of the participant manual. This will be e-mailed to participants before training and should be printed before the delivery of the program.

Expectations and Passing Standards

Training will begin at 9:00 am and end no later than 5:00 pm each day, with an hour lunch break around noon. Participants must attend the entire program to pass the course. If any participant has a meeting, appointment, or any other obligation scheduled during the planned training hours, the participant should not register for that delivery. If technical difficulties result in a participant missing a substantial portion of the training – even at no fault of their own – the participant may not be eligible to complete the program and may need to repeat the course in its entirety.

This program thrives on collaboration and group conversation, so we ask participants to keep their webcams on throughout training to facilitate better discussions through teamwork.

The Participant Manual will guide us through most of the program and is filled with exercises that participants will review with instructors upon completion.

Participants must achieve an average of 75% across three quizzes throughout the program to pass.