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Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP)

Professionally trained counsellors are available to provide confidential help 24/7 to employees who are struggling with the stress and anxiety caused by reports of COVID-19. The EFAP can connect you with resources to assist with emotional concerns such as stress and anxiety, as well as financial and family matters and other issues that may occur during this time.

Supports include:

  • individual support for managing stress and anxiety (discussing your concerns with a professional and getting relaxation or coping strategies);
  • how to support and have conversations with your family, including young children who may be upset by the influx of news regarding COVID-19; and
  • speak with a financial consultant regarding planning for an emergency fund or concerns about your retirement plan

In-person counselling is no longer available due to the obvious safety concerns, but it is important to know that support is still available through telephone, First Chat, video counselling, and e-counselling.

EFAP COVID-19 Mental Health Supports & Resources:

  •  To access all regular EFAP services, please continue to visit: