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Interactive programs providing personalized, convenient and secure support.

Your Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP) is committed to providing anywhere, anytime support. Our suite of expertly-developed online programs offers a convenient and secure option to help you resolve a range of challenges, at your own pace. All programs are three months in duration. Access them today and get started on a path to a healthier you.


Convenient and Secure

  • Convenient and private access to the programs online
  • Privacy with secure data transmission and storage


Stress Coach Connects

This online program helps you assess, understand and manage stress. By increasing your awareness, understanding and reactions to triggers, you can better manage stress. You'll begin this program with a stress assessment. Then, you will use the interactive features including goal-setting, challenges, thought journal and daily mood tracker. Stress Coach Connects can help you take the first step toward improved health and wellness through effective stress management. To learn more about Stress Coach Connects, please click here.

Enhancing your Relationship Program

Developed in collaboration with clinical experts in the field of intimate relationships, the programs resources teach you about relationship building blocks such as communication and conflict resolution, and then move on to explore specific topics of focus. Interactive features include self-assessments, checklists and goal-setting. This program helps individuals and couples achieve greater understanding of and satisfact in their intimate relationships. To learn more about the Enhancing your Relationship Program, please click here.

Separation and Divorce Program

Developed in collaboration with clinical, legal and financial experts on the subject, you will learn how to better manage and respond to the challenges associated with separation or divorce. Interactive features include self-assessments, checklists and goal-setting. This program helps individuals and families learn to understand and successfully cope with this life event and the changes that come with it. To learn more about the Separation and Divorce Program, please click here.

Financial Planning Service

Improve your financial education and create an action plan for your future. You will begin this program with an assessment to determine your individual financial situation. Your assessments results will help you build a personalized action plan. You will use worksheets, calculators and task lists to keep your plan on track. To learn more about the Financial Planning Service, please click here.

Smoking Cessation Program (Stop Smoking Centre)

This program is designed with six major milestones to help you quit. You will use interactive assessments, set goals and track progress. You can also participate in an online peer support group moderated by health care professionals. To learn more about the Smoking Cessation Program (Stop Smoking Centre), please click here.


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