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Career Counselling

 The Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP) offers a variety of programs as a component of its Career Counselling service:

Career Counselling: Resiliency Coaching

Resiliency Coaching will explore:

  • Evaluation of current and desired levels of satisfaction in specific areas of your life
  • Career direction and choices, assess interests and skills sets
  • Development of strategies that enhance work satisfaction and performance
  • Adjustments to your current coping strategies
  • New ways of managing life demands and your overall look on things


The result

Your personal health and work performance will improve through an increased understanding of individual perceptions and reactions to life's stressors. Your resiliency coach will help you get on the road to achieving the positive outlook and self-confidence you desire.

To learn more about how Resiliency Coaching works, please click here.


Career Counselling: Planning and Management Program

This program connects you with career counsellors who use a variety of career management tools, resources, approaches and support to help you make more informed career decisions and better manage career transitions.

The counsellor will develop a program customized to your needs that addresses:

  • Career stress and work-life issues
  • Career planning and redirection
  • Job satisfaction and performance


The result

Our program helps you find solutions to career issues before they have an impact on your personal life or work performances. It will assist you in better understanding your professional strengths to better manage your career path and cope with organizational change and new role expectations. With coaching and guidance, you can clarify goals and achieve balance between work, family, and self.

To learn more about how the Planning and Management Program works, please click here.


Career Counselling: Retirement Planning Program

Retirement offers more choices and opportunities than ever before. Will you focus on your interests and hobbies, travel more, or maybe start a new career? The Retirement Planning program helps alleviate stress and apprehension by providing tips and manageable solutions to ensure a happy, successful transition into retirement.

The Retirement Program explores:

  • The key elements needed to set and achieve retirement savings goals
  • How to make appropriate investment decisions
  • Various sources of retirement income
  • How to budget for various phases of retirement
  • The steps needed to successfully transition from work to retirement
  • The emotional, mental, and physical changes, challenges, and rewards of the aging process


The result

You will be better able to perceive, process and respond to stressful situations and take proactive ownership of your retirement.

To learn more about how the Retirement Planning Program works, please click here.


Connect with EFAP for confidential support or to learn more

Learn new ways to manage the demands of life and work; address career change, stress and performance; or to set the goals and make the decisions right for your retirement with Career Counselling through your EFAP.

For immediate assistance, contact EFAP at 1-844-880-9142 or visit