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How to Access EFAP

Access EFAP 24 hours a day, seven days a week by telephone, web or mobile app:



1.844.880.9142 (Toll-Free)
1.877.338.0275 (TTY Service)

1.844.880.9143 (Toll-Free)
1.877.338.0275 (Service ATS)



The EFAP website,, provides you and your family with anytime, anywhere access to professional counselling, information and resources to help resolve challenges you face.

Key site features and functionality:

  • Instant, confidential and secure access to EFAP services and counselling
  • Direct access to EFAP online programs for stress, relationships, fitness and more
  • Helpful articles and videos on a wide range of work, health and life topics
  • Dedicated Manager area
  • Employee Orientation video series to introduce the benefits of and range of concerns that your EFAP can help resolve
  • Annual wellness calendar and archives of newsletters and mental health microsites

You have three easy ways to access EFAP support on

  • Online Access provides a secure way to book most EFAP services
  • First Chat allows you to instantly chat with a counsellor
  • E-Counselling provides written exchanges with a counsellor via secure online portal

How to access the site and get started:

Visit on the device of your choice - desktop computer or tablet. Mobile phone users will be directed to the My EAP app; our support tools on the app have been specifically designed for use on mobile phones.

Registration on ensures you see the specific EFAP services and tools available to the GNWT. All you need to register is the name of your organization - "Government of the Northwest Territories". Through the registration process, you will create a unique profile with username and password. Each time you visit the site, login using your credentials to see what's available to you and quickly book services, access online programs and more.


The My EAP app provides unparalleled access for your entire family to EFAP services and support and is available in English, French and Spanish. Users are provided with access to expert health and wellness information through articles and videos. Interactive tools include confidential online counselling and assessments. Download for free at or visit your device app store: