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Managers Consultations

24/7 access to confidential advice and guidance to help managers, supervisors, and people leaders deal with sensitive employee and workplace situations.

Dealing with sensitive employee and workplace situations can challenge you as a people leader. Let your Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP) help with confidential and professional guidance for any situation you may be faced with.

Let Manager Consultations help you with

  • Disruptive or inappropriate behaviour
  • Emotionally sensitive employees
  • Difficult personalities
  • Concerning appearance
  • Personal hygiene
  • Career and team changes
  • Team dynamics
  • Cross-cultural communication
  • Harassment or violence
  • Expression of suicidal thoughts
  • Illness or medical conditions

How it Works

Manager Consultations are confidential and available 24/7. You will interact with an EFAP counsellor that will listen and help you manage through a situation you may not know how quite to handle. Together, you will explore options, brainstorm solutions, and work on action plans.

How to Access Manager Consultations 24/7

  • Call the EFAP Care Access Centre
  • Use online chat in the Manager Area on
  • Use online chat on My EAP app


The EFAP Resource Guide for Managers, Supervisors and Other People Leaders

This easy-to-use handbook offers practical suggestions on how to use the EFAP. It identifies challenging scenarios that managers and supervisors may face from time to time, and offers step-by-step advice to help resolve situations quickly and effectively.

Use this guide as a quick reference tool and take advantage of its many tips and techniques.

The chapters within The EFAP Resource Guide will offer you ways to:

  • Master the use of EFAP resources;
  • Understand the key challenges that managers and supervisors face;
  • Recognize the signs of an employee in trouble;
  • Prepare for, and deal with, employee performance issues;
  • Deal with other difficult employee-related situations; and
  • Use preventative tools to promote a healthy workplace.

To view The EFAP Resource Guide for Managers, Supervisors and Other People Leaders, please one of the links below:


Connect with EFAP for confidential support or to learn more

Use the EFAP resources and support designed just for you - the people leader.

For immediate assistance, contact EFAP at 1-844-880-9142 or visit