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United Way Northwest Territories

The GNWT is pleased to offer employees the opportunity to arrange for an automatic payroll deduction for charitable donations and to support the activities of the United Way NWT. Download the United Way Donations form where you can type in all the info and then print, sign and submit.

What is the United Way NWT?

The United Way NWT provides communities in the Northwest Territories with a way to join together to give everyone a chance for a better life. Positive change in the lives of our people and our communities is supported by raising funds and investing them in important not-for-profit projects in three focus areas:

  • Healthy people, strong communities;
  • Kids: All that they can be; and
  • From poverty to possibility.

Please see the latest Government of the NWT workplace campaign newsletter

United Way NWT is also a vehicle through which people can donate to other registered charities in the NWT or other parts of Canada.

During the 2016 fall fundraising campaign, United Way NWT received donations and pledges in excess of $120,000, from generous donors within the Government of the Northwest Territories. Over the past five years, over $470,000 was allocated to various charities across the NWT. For more information on the list of recipients for 2017, please see

What organizations can I contribute to through the United Way NWT?

Donors may donate to a registered Canadian charity of their choice. For an updated list of registered Canadian charities (which is necessary to be a recipient of funding through the United Way NWT), please check the Canada Revenue Agency website: If you wish to have your donation forwarded to your chosen charity that can be done for you, less a one-time processing fee of $12.50.

Why should I consider payroll deductions?

Payroll deductions are an easy way for GNWT employees to contribute dollars to local charities through planned giving of a set amount per paycheque. Your contributions will make a positive difference in your community and your territory through planned deductions from each paycheque.  From an administrative point of view, your receipt for charitable donations at tax time is easily available as it is clearly included on your T-4 from the GNWT.

What do I do if I want to contribute?

To obtain a payroll deduction form, download the United Way Donations form.

Fill out the form and provide it to the Department of Finance Payroll Unit in Yellowknife (scanned copies are fine).  Payroll will provide your donation to the United Way NWT and the United Way NWT will redirect your donation to your chosen charity. The amount of your donation will be recorded on your T4 slip for tax purposes.

For employees who already contribute to the United Way NWT, your deductions will continue from one campaign to the next. You do not have to complete a new form unless you would like to change your contribution amount and or the charity that you are contributing to.

What’s the deadline?

There is no deadline to sign up for your payroll deduction. You're welcome to sign up anytime. 

Why do we have a Campaign?

From October 20th - November 24th, the GNWT United Way Workplace Campaign takes place to create an awareness among the GNWT employees about the United Way NWT and the work it does across the territories. 


For more information, please contact the Department of Finance.

You can visit the United Way of the NWT for more information on their programs at or email


Dear Supporters,

The United Way NWT would like to acknowledge and gratefully thank all the GNWT employees who have made and continue to make contributions through the payroll program. Your donations have inspired change to many northern non-profits.

We are proud of the collective that Northerners are building to fund organizations committed to making change. We can't make change happen without your kindness. Please don't hesitate to provide us with your feedback either by email at or by phone at 867-669-7986. We would love to hear from you!

Tracy St. Denis
Chair, United Way NWT