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Article 13 - Check Off

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13.01Effective the first of the month following the signing of this Agreement, the Employer will, as a condition of employment, deduct an amount equal to the amount of membership dues from the pay of all employees in the Bargaining Unit.
13.02The Union shall inform the Employer in writing, at least 6 weeks in advance of the effective date, of the authorized deduction to be checked off for each employee within the Bargaining Unit.
13.03For the purpose of applying Clause 13.01, deductions from pay for each employee will occur on a bi-weekly basis and will apply to the extent that earnings are available.  Where an employee does not have sufficient earnings in respect of any bi-weekly period to permit deduction, the Employer shall not be obligated to make such deductions from subsequent salary.
13.04From the date of signing, and for the duration of this Agreement, no employee organization other than the Union shall be permitted to have membership fees deducted by the Employer from the pay of the employees in the Bargaining Unit.
13.05The Union shall inform the Employer in writing of the authorized deduction for PSAC Group Life Insurance premiums for each employee who participates in the PSAC Group Life Insurance Plan, and the Employer shall make the authorized deduction from the participating employee's pay.
13.06The amounts deducted in accordance with Clauses 13.01 and 13.05 shall be remitted to the Comptroller of the Alliance, by cheque, within a reasonable period of time after deductions are made and shall be accompanied by particulars identifying each employee and the deductions made on the employee's behalf.
13.07The Employer agrees to continue past practice of making deductions for other purposes on the basis of the production of appropriate documentation.
13.08The Union agrees to indemnify and save the Employer harmless against any claim or liability arising out of the application of this Article except for any claim or liability arising out of an error committed by the Employer.
13.09The Employer agrees to identify annually on each employee's T-4 slip the total amount of Union dues deducted for the preceding year.