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Article 14 - Information

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14.01(1)The Employer agrees to continue the past practice of providing the Union, on a monthly basis, with information concerning the identification of each member in the Bargaining Unit.  This information shall include, but not be limited to, the name, location, job evaluation, and social insurance number of all employees in the Bargaining Unit. The Employer shall indicate which employees have been recruited or transferred and those employees who have been struck off strength during the period reported.
 (2)The Employer agrees to provide the Union with monthly staff movement reports in a form mutually agreed to between the Union and the Employer.
14.02The Employer shall provide each employee with a copy of the Collective Agreement.
14.03The Employer agrees to provide each new member of the Bargaining Unit with a copy of the Collective Agreement upon his/her appointment.
14.04The Employer shall provide a translated version of the Collective Agreement in one of the official languages of the Northwest Territories, as requested by an employee.  In the event of any dispute concerning a proper interpretation of any provision of this Agreement the English version shall govern.
14.05The Employer shall provide the Union with a monthly report of all positions excluded from the Bargaining Unit as per criteria 41(1.7) of the Public Service Act.  This report shall include position number, position title, settlement code and the names of the employees.  In addition, the Employer shall provide the Union with a monthly report of all employees that were included or excluded from the bargaining unit during that month.  This report shall include employees’ names, position number, position title, settlement code, position descriptions and exclusion criteria for those employees in positions not specifically named in the Act (i.e., 41(1.7)(a), 41(1.7)(d-legal officer), and 41(1.7)(h).