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0100 - Introduction and Statement of Intent

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  1. The Minister responsible for the Public Service Act has the exclusive right and authority to appoint persons to positions in the Public Service.  Appointments to positions in the Public Service will be based on merit and selection decisions will be fair, transparent, equitable and will comply with all relevant policies and guidelines.  This contributes to a Public Service that is competent and representative of the people it serves.
  2. The Minister responsible for the Public Service Act delegates staffing authorities to Deputy Heads to the maximum extent possible to assist them to meet their operational objectives and to respond efficiently and effectively to increasing and changing demands.
  3. The Staffing Guidelines provide supervisors and Human Resources Representatives with procedures to ensure that appointments are made in a manner consistent with the Public Service Act and the goals of the Government of the Northwest Territories (GNWT).  Each section follows a standard format and includes any related staffing support information such as examples, administrative procedures and forms where these exist.
  4. Recruitment and selection practices will also be carried out in a manner that is consistent with other territorial and federal legislation including the Financial Administration Act, the Official Languages Act, the NWT Human Rights Act and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.
  5. The Department of Human Resources shall provide clarification and interpretation of the Staffing Guidelines. Rulings and advice concerning the Staffing Guidelines will be documented and communicated to client services staff on a regular basis and are intended as standards for future practice.



  1. The Staffing Guidelines have been designed as an electronic reference that enhances ease of access and maintenance. Included are guidelines for the following activities related to staffing in the GNWT:

    101 -   Affirmative Action Policy
    102 -   Initiating a Competition
    102a - Limited Competitions
    102b - Eligibility Lists
    103 -   Selection Committees
    104 -   Preparing the Screening Criteria
    106 -   Advertising
    107 -   Acknowledging Applicants
    108 -   Interview Questions and Assignments
    109 -   Screening Applications
    110 -   Determining Suitability
    111 -   Evaluating Interviews, Assignments and Tests
    112 -   Conducting Reference Checks
    114 -   Conducting Additional Pre-Employment Checks
    115 -   Job Offers
    116 -   Regrets
    117 -   Staffing Appeal Process
    119 -   Casual Recruiting
    123 -   NWTTA Teacher Recruitment – Introduction & Statement of Intent
    124 -   Staffing Priorities on NWTTA Competitions
    125 -   Initiating an NWTTA Competition
    126 -   Selection Committee
    127 -   Probation


  1. The Staffing Guidelines and all applicable examples, administrative procedures and forms shall be maintained by the Department of Human Resources. Questions regarding the application or interpretation of these guidelines may be directed to:
    Management and Recruitment Services
    Department of Human Resources
    Government of the Northwest Territories
    P.O. Box 1320
    Yellowknife NT   X1A 2L9
    Phone: (867) 767-9154 extension 14106
    Fax:     (867) 873-0282


Authorities and References

Public Service Act

Affirmative Action Policy

Human Rights Act

Official Languages Act