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0202 - Employee Identification Cards

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  1. Cards are issued to employees for identification purposes.



  1. These guidelines and procedures apply to all employees, except those employed by the NWT Power Corporation.



  1. Identification Cards contain the employee's name, picture, identification number and the employing Department, Board, or Agency.
  2. Client Services is the Client Services Division of the Department of Human Resources.



  1. Identification cards are issued only when necessary. They are not normally issued to casual employees unless they must access government buildings after hours.
  2. Identification cards are the property of the Government of the Northwest Territories (GNWT). Lost cards should be reported to the local Client Services Centre of the Department of Human Resources.
  3. Identification cards must be returned to the GNWT when employment ceases.
  4. When an employees changes departments, their original identification card must be returned to Client Services. If the employee requires an identification card, Client Services will issue a new identification card.



  1. During documentation for new employees, or upon request, the Benefits Administrator or their designate advises the employee of the process involved in getting a picture taken and an identification card issued.
  2. Two pictures are taken of the employee. One picture is used for the identification card. The other picture is placed in the employee's personnel file.
  3. The expiry date is to be 5 years after issue date or the employee‘s end date if known (i.e.: casual or term employees).