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1413e - Service Appreciation

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  1. On the occasion of the resignation and/or retirement of a long-term employee who leaves the government in good standing, the GNWT expresses appreciation for commitment and dedication to the Territorial Public Service.



  1. In conjunction with the Employee Recognition Policy, these guidelines and procedures apply to all employees, on leaving the GNWT in good standing except those employed by the NWT Power Corporation.



  1. Territorial Public Service (TPS) date means the date an employee was hired or re-hired by the Government of the Northwest Territories.  This date includes casual employment if it preceded regular employment with no more than a thirty-day break. It also includes all periods of employment with breaks of less than three months, in cases where an employee was terminated for reasons other than dismissal, abandonment of position or rejection on probation, and periods of less than one year where an employee was on lay-off status.
  2. Non-cash awards means excluding cash or items that are equivalent to cash such as stocks, bonds, raw precious metals and gift certificates.
  3. Management and Recruitment Services means the Management and Recruitment Services Division of the Department of Human Resources.



  1. Length of Service for the purpose of service appreciation is service with the Territorial Public Service. Territorial Public Service is calculated from the employee's TPS date. Service is considered to be uninterrupted if the employee has been on approved leave.
  2. Departments, Boards, and Agencies are responsible for all costs pertaining to the function, including service appreciation certificates, awards and award events.
  3. Department, Boards and Agencies are responsible for providing at least one week’s notice to Management and Recruitment Services when assistance is requested for service appreciation events.
  4. Service appreciation events are intended as a celebration of the occasion and should therefore be arranged as a department function if possible.
  5. Award recipients must be contacted in advance of the award event to determine suitability and appropriateness of the event.  Private functions are permitted.
  6. At an employee’s request and in lieu of a non-cash award, Departments, Boards and Agencies may make a charitable donation on behalf of the employee to a charity of the employee’s choice registered with the Canada Revenue Agency. Such donations are made at the discretion of the Deputy Head.
  7. Service appreciation awards do not include travel costs for employees or other individuals to attend a function.
  8. Long-term employees resigning and/or retiring from the GNWT are given a framed appreciation certificate and an award with entitlements outlined as follows:
    Length of Continuous Service with the
    GNWT Service Appreciation: 
    Certificate Signed By:  Maximum GNWT Contribution Towards Social Event: Maximum GNWT Contribution Towards Non-Cash Entitlement: 
    5 to 10 years Deputy Minister $200 $125
    11-14 years Minister $500 $175
    15-19 years Minister $700 $300
    20-24 years Premier/Minister $900 $300
    25-29 years Premier/Minister $1,100    $400
    30+ years Premier/Minister $1,100 $499
  9. GNWT contributions towards a service appreciation event will be used exclusively for that purpose.
  10. The purchase of alcoholic beverages is not an eligible expenditure.



  1. On notification of the resignation/retirement, Management and Recruitment Services verifies the years of service for the service appreciation award recipient(s), prepares certificates for signature and ensures that the appropriate signature for each certificate is obtained.
  2. The Department, Board or Agency determines the nature of the event by consulting with the departing employee to ensure it is suitable and appropriate.
  3. Management and Recruitment Services assist Departments, Boards and Agencies in arranging the service appreciation event.  Service appreciation events may be coordinated among departments.


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