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Emerging Managers


The Emerging Managers stream of the Leadership Development Program is specifically designed to meet the needs of current front-line supervisors. As well as staff who are expected to lead projects and teams or are preparing for future growth opportunities in management within the GNWT. Each module deals with management issues and challenges and provides an open environment in which participants may discuss changes, concerns and ideas relevant to northern public service.

Program Overview

This stream has 4 modules and will help participants view their workplace, and those with whom they work, with sharper focus and clarity.  Participants gain an understanding of why they behave in a certain way and why others may behave differently in the same situation.  This stream also helps participants understand the options available to them as they perform their daily tasks and interact with others.

Emerging Managers are provided with a leadership tool kit to support them throughout their leadership journey.

The modules are intended to facilitate personal development in relation to the six GNWT behavioural competencies:

  • Authentic Leadership
  • Engaging Others
  • People Management
  • Action Management
  • Systems Thinking
  • Sustainable Management


The program has been designed for:

  • Front-line supervisors who are accountable for the supervision and performance of individuals or teams.
  • Individuals who are expected to lead projects and teams, or who are preparing for future growth opportunities in a supervisory or management role.

Departments will select successful candidates based on the Affirmative Action Policy.  Participants must declare their status when submitting their application.

Modules Overview