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Executive and Senior Managers


The Executive and Senior Managers stream of the Leadership Development Program is a comprehensive strategic approach to leadership development and leadership continuity, which has been designed with the recognition that senior leaders are a corporate resource within the GNWT.  Each module merges practical knowledge with a theoretical foundation, and incorporates issues relevant to the northern public service.

Program Overview

In these four modules participants examine their executive and senior management leadership challenges through the lens of the five leadership practices presented by Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner in their book entitled “The Leadership Challenge”.  As a result of the analysis of their leadership challenges, the participants develop a comprehensive personal leadership plan. Participants also have an opportunity to test and re-test their leadership development and improvement through the use of a self and observer 360 degree tool (i.e. The Leadership Practices Inventory). Participants are encouraged to commit themselves to continuously improving as leaders and to commit to teach and coach their direct reports and others to be as successful as possible.  This  program is a six day comprehensive leadership examination targeted at Executive and Senior Management Leadership.


This program has been designed for:

  • Directors, Regional Superintendents, Superintendents, Chief Executive Officers, Assistant Deputy Ministers and Deputy Ministers.
  • Senior Managers and Assistant Deputy Ministers with a minimum of five years management experience in their current and/or prior role in the GNWT who are preparing for future growth opportunities at the executive level.
  • Deputy Ministers who are interested in enhancing their executive management skills and knowledge.

Departments will select successful candidates based on the Affirmative Action Policy.  Participants must declare their status when submitting their application.

Modules Overview