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Program Guidelines

There are three streams within the program (Emerging Managers, Managers, Executive Managers), with the content of each stream adapted to the specific level.

Each stream contains a number of modules.  The modules in all streams are presented using a combination of lectures, group discussions, and case studies and take place over a three month period.  The length of time required to complete each stream is as follows:

The content of the modules and the case studies are continuously reviewed to ensure they are current and relevant.  It is critical that those who apply MUST be able to attend all modules as scheduled.

Full program attendance is mandatory. However if participants miss a module, they have one year in which to complete the program if space is available to accommodate make up participation.

At the successful completion of the program, participants are awarded a University of Alberta certificate of completion.


The Leadership Development Program is open to all indeterminate and term territorial public service employees except employees covered by the Northwest Territories Teachers’ Association Collective Agreement and employees of the Northwest Territories Power Corporation.

Priority will be given to Affirmative Action candidates, with a goal of filling 50% of all seats with Indigenous Aboriginal candidates.  Additional eligible target groups are:

  • Indigenous non-aboriginal persons
  • Resident women
  • Resident disabled persons

Each stream is designed for a specific level of management within the organization and have eligibility criteria to identify who should participate.  It is critical that those who apply MUST be able to attend all modules as scheduled.  The supervisor of applicants must commit to supporting the time commitment required to complete the stream.

Application and Selection

Streams run twice annually commencing in April and September.  Applications must be submitted through the GNWT Learning and Development Calendar.

As there are a limited number of seats available in each stream, departments are allotted seats based on the number of employees within their department.

Per Stream Seat Allotment by Department

  • Aurora College - 1
  • Business Development and Investment Corporation - 1
  • Commission Scolaire Francophone, TNO - 1
  • DEC Beaufort Delta - 1
  • DEC Deh Cho - 1
  • DEC Sahtu - 1
  • DEC South Slave - 1
  • Education, Culture and Employment - 3
  • Environment and Natural Resources - 3
  • Executive and Indigenous Affairs - 1
  • Finance - 4
  • Health and Social Services - 2
  • Industry, Tourism and Investment - 1
  • Infrastructure - 6
  • Justice - 5
  • Lands - 1
  • Legislative Assembly - 1
  • Municipal and Community Affairs - 1
  • NTHSSA - 8
  • Tlicho Community Services Agency  -1
  • NWT Housing Corporation - 1
  • Workers' Safety and Compensation Commission - 1

Departmental deputy heads are responsible to select successful candidates for each stream ensuring that priority placement is provided under the Affirmative Action Policy, and to those whose participation in the program is identified on learning plans developed as part of the competency-based performance development program.

Program Cost

The fee for all three streams is $300 per participant per day and is the responsibility of the employee’s department. In addition, any travel and related expenses associated with attendance are the sole responsibility of the employee’s department.

Program Fees:

  • Emerging Managers: cost per participant $2,400
  • Managers: cost per participant $2,700
  • Executive Managers: cost per participant $1,800

If an employee is registered for a module or modules but is unable to attend, the department will remain responsible for all costs.

Should a participant change departments, they remain enrolled in the program; however, costs for any remaining courses are the responsibility of the employee’s new department.