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Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Competency Based Performance Development?

Competency Based Performance Development is about achieving results in a manner that is consistent with GNWT expectations. Integrating competencies within the performance development process supports the provision of feedback to employees not only on “what” they have accomplished (i.e., work objectives), but also “how” the work was performed, using competencies for providing feedback. Assessing competencies as a part of performance development is an important means of assisting employees in understanding performance expectations and enhancing competencies in an ongoing process that involves both the employee and their supervisor, and one that focuses on the development of the employee over time.


What is ePerformance?

ePerformance is an electronic tool within PeopleSoft that streamlines the GNWT Competency Based Performance Development program and replaces the paper appraisal form that was used previously.  It is based on competency evaluation and work objectives.


When reviewing performance and providing feedback, what period of time should we focus on?

The “performance period” is always based on the fiscal year - April 1st to March 31st, or from whenever the employee started in the role to March 31st.  If an employee has not been in a role for 90 days prior to March 31st, a performance document is not required for that year.


What are the key deadlines for the Performance Development Cycle?

The key deadline dates may adjust depending on the type and length of employment and department specific guidelines.

For more information please refer to My HR – Performance Development – Annual Cycle or click here


What employees are supposed to participate in the GNWT Competency Based Performance Development program?

All GNWT employees are expected to participate excluding casuals (Summer Students are considered casuals) and Teachers under the NWTTA.   Performance Documents in ePerformance will not automatically be created for these individuals.

Should you want to include a casual in the program please contact to have a document created.


What about those who are on probation?

Performance Documents will automatically be created for all new employees upon 90 days of continuous employment. Effective work objectives, review of the six core competencies and learning plans should be established with all new employees as soon as practical.  If you require a performance document prior to the completion of the 90 days please contact

Should there be less than 90 days left in the fiscal year when a new employee starts work, completion of a document for that year will not be required.


What about employees who are retiring?

Documents will be created for all employees April 1st each year.  If the employee is retiring before the end of the performance period, the completion can be accelerated to suit the situation; even where there are no pay or incentive implications, provided the employee has worked 90 days in the performance period.

 If the employee is eligible for any performance based pay or incentive programs (such as Senior Manager Merit or Excluded Pay for Performance) it is critical that the document be completed prior to their last day of work.


What about employees who resign from their employment with GNWT?

Documents will be created for all employees April 1st each year.  If the employee resigning before the end of the performance period, the completion can be accelerated to suit the situation; even where there are no pay or incentive implications, provided the employee has worked 90 days in the performance period.

 If the employee is eligible for any performance based pay or incentive programs (such as Senior Manager Merit or Excluded Pay for Performance) it is critical that the document be completed prior to their last day of work.


What about employees whose employment has ended due to involuntary termination?

When such a circumstance arises, HR should be consulted to understand the particulars of the situation.


What about employees who are or have been on disability, maternity or other similar leaves?                        

In general, if the employee worked in a role during at least 90 days of the performance period, the performance document should be completed. The Performance document should be completed prior to the employee’s departure.


How do we handle the review if the employee changed roles during the course of the performance period, or more recently (during the review period)?

When an employee leaves a position, the performance development cycle should be completed prior to their departure.  This involves having the employee complete the self-evaluation and the Supervisor completing the Manager evaluation, it is quite possible that an employee could have more than one performance document if they changed positions with the fiscal year.

 As work objectives and learning plans are developed based on the role the employee holds, the performance document may not be relevant if the employee changes positions.  In this case the employee and supervisor should complete the document prior to the employee’s departure.

A new performance document will be created for the employee after 90 days in the new position and will start the process by establishing effective work objectives and learning plans.


What if the supervisor indicated in my Performance Document is incorrect?

If the supervisor listed in you performance document is incorrect please notify .


Can delegations be applied to performance documents?

Yes, but the delegation only applies to the final approval of the performance document (the role of the Review Officer). For all other actions required by the manager, performance documents can be transferred to the Acting Manager by request to


When can documents be cancelled?

Performance documents can be cancelled in circumstances where they may no longer be applicable (employee no longer works in position).  To cancel document please notify


When and how do I reopen a performance document?

After the completion of Step 1, only Supervisors can reopen a document.  Documents are reopened when changes are required to the work objectives or learning goals (Step 1) or changes are required to the Manager or Self Evaluation (Step 2).

Performance Documents for all employees reporting to the Supervisor can be reopened by going to:

 Manager Self-Service>Performance Management>Performance Documents>Current Documents

 All employees reporting to the Supervisor will be listed as well as the document status.  If the Supervisor reopens a document, the employee will receive an email advising them that the document has been reopened.  If a Performance Document is reopened the “Complete” step must be completed again.


What if the Supervisor is on leave or there is no incumbent in the role?

Similar to time reporting, ePerformance can be delegated.

If there is an “Acting” employee in the Supervisors role, the Acting Supervisor’s role will take the lead and ensure the process is completed. Depending on the period of time they have been acting in the role and the extent of their exposure to the employee’s work, they may wish to draw on third party input.


Is there a form for the mid-year check in?

There is no specific form for the mid-year check in. The emphasis should be on having a discussion with the employee and reviewing progress against the current year’s work objectives, competencies and Learning Plans and updating, if required.


 What is the 3rd party feedback option in ePerformance?

 3rd Party Feedback provides supervisors with the opportunity to seek feedback on their employees from other GNWT employees using ePerformance.  This option is typically used by supervisors who have employees working directly with others.

 Supervisors will nominate an employee to provide 3rd party feedback and the nominee will receive an email indicating that they have been asked to participate in someone else’s performance process.  The nominee can either accept or reject this nomination.  It is important to note that the 3rd Party Nominee does not have access to review any of the employees performance document. This is an optional feature of ePerformance.


How do I accept or decline a 3rd party nomination

You will be notified via email if you have been asked to participate in someone else’s performance review.  From the main menu navigate to:

Self Service>Performance Management>Others Performance Documents>Pending Evaluations Requests

Click on the employee and choose either Accept or Decline


Who can make changes to your self-evaluation?

The only person who can complete or make changes to an employee self-evaluation is the employee.  A supervisor can only VIEW the document, they cannot edit it.


What if there is no document for one or more of my employees?

Documents are created for employees in April each year for the position they are in at that time.  If you have an employee who started in a role after April 1st a new document will be created for them at the first of the month following 90 days employment in the new role.  If you require a document to be created prior to the 90 days you can contact and request to have one created.


How long can I review my document for before I need to acknowledge it?

Acknowledging a performance document is considered an electronic signature. Once an employee has had a review meeting with their supervisor and the supervisors makes the document available for review, the employee has a minimum of 14 days to review the document and acknowledge it.


Where do I find the forms and other related materials?

All of the materials are on the Competency-Based Performance Development page at


Who do I contact for support or assistance?

 You can contact


Can a review be conducted even if someone is not technically eligible?

 Yes.  You may have a casual employee who requests to participate in the Competency Based Performance Development program or decide that it would be beneficial for them to participate.  In either case, contact to have a document created in PeopleSoft.


What are the competency ratings ?

Competencies are rated using the following scale:

Does not Meet

Employee hasn’t demonstrated behavior defined in competency.


Employee partially demonstrates behavior defined in competency.


Employee demonstrates all behaviors defined in competency.


Employee demonstrates all behaviors defined in competency and frequently exceeds expectations.


In the Manager Evaluation, the Manager can't see the same Work Objectives and/or Competencies as the employee in the Self-Evaluation, why is that?

The Work Objectives and/or the Competencies were added in Step 2 instead of Step 1.

When Work Objectives/Competencies are added and/or edited in the Self-Evaluation step (Step 2), the changes do not flow through to the manager evaluation; only Work Objectives/Competencies added in Step 1 Establishing Evaluation Criteria flow through to the evaluation.

If changes were made in Step 2 and the self-evaluation is complete, please follow these directions:

  1. Open the employee’s performance document by following this path: manager self-service > performance management > performance documents > current documents – and select the employee’s document
  2. In the top right hand corner, click New Window. When the new tab opens, drag the tab to your second screen/monitor. (If no second monitor, you can complete this action with the tabs in the same screen). This will allow you to view the employee’s self-evaluation while completing the manager evaluation.
  3. In second tab (or screen), select view in the Employee Evaluation row. This will open up the employee’s updated work objectives / competencies, ratings, and comments. You can also print, if required, by selecting the print icon at the top of the evaluation.
  4. In the first tab (or screen), select start in the Manager Evaluation row. This will open up the manager evaluation so you can see the differences between the two.
  5. Identify the updates in the Work Objectives (if none, skip to # 7) in the Employee Evaluation, and highlight and copy (Ctrl + c or right click copy) the updates.
  6. In the Manager Evaluation, select ‘Add Objective’ (or if the Objective is already there and needs to be updated, click the red pencil), and Paste the updates to the Work Objectives as required.
  7. If Competencies are added in Section 2 of the Employee Evaluation, you will need to add the same competencies in the Manager Evaluation. Click the ‘+” sign in Section 2, select pre-defined competencies, and click search (with all fields blank). The entire library of competencies will be displayed, choose the corresponding competencies that the employee added.
  8. Proceed to complete the Manager Evaluation by completing the ratings and comment sections.


How do I complete the performance document once the Review Officer approves?

Supervisors are responsible for completing/finalizing the performance document and are notified when the Review Officer has completed their approval of a document via email.  When this is received the supervisor should navigate to:

Manager Self Service>Performance Management>Performance Documents>Current Documents

The supervisor selects the Performance Document link for the appropriate employee, opens the performance document and under the Manager Evaluation – Next Action section clicks the “complete” link.  This opens the document and the supervisor clicks the “complete” link which finalizes the document and changes the document status from current to historical.

How does the behaviour scale apply to different position levels?

The behavior scale for all 6 core competencies works exactly the same.



1 & 2


2 & 3


3 & 4


5 & 6



Deputy Heads


How do I apply any of the 39 general competencies?

The use of the additional general competencies is optional and should be used to tailor a position. Not every position requires additional competencies to be successful. It is the manager’s decision whether or not to apply additional competencies.

If you choose to apply a general competency to an employee’s performance document you will be required to select it from a menu within ePerformance during Step 1.