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How can I hire an employee through the Indigenous Career Gateway Program?

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The Indigenous Career Gateway Program targets Indigenous Aboriginal candidates for entry-level and trainee opportunities with the Government of the Northwest Territories (GNWT).

Through this program, GNWT departments, boards and agencies have access to additional financial support to establish employment opportunities for Indigenous Aboriginal residents of the NWT:

  1. Entry-level positions: Where candidates meet the qualifications of the position, the Department will be provided with a prorated payment of $40,000 per year to be put towards the employee’s salary and or training needs
  2. Trainee positions: Where candidates do not meet the qualifications of the position, they will be hired under the trainee MOU and their rate of pay will be based on a percentage of step one under the training program. The Department will be provided with a prorated payment of $40, 000 per year up to a maximum of two years.  The Department will provide their Client Service Representative with a comprehensive training plan as outlined in the MOU. 

Funding is available from the Department of Finance per fiscal year (April 1 to March 31) and will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. 

Through this program, the GNWT will work to establish partnerships with educators and Indigenous governments to identify Indigenous Aboriginal candidates who are at the conclusion of their studies or are seeking meaningful work experience. The Diversity and Inclusion unit will also work with Client Services (MRS/Regions) to identify employment opportunities within departments.

An open job advertisement will be posted on eRecruit and candidates will be required to submit their resume to the Indigenous Career Gateway Program. If candidates do not meet the requirements of the position the department will establish a trainee position and the employee will be provided with a learning plan and paid in accordance with the Trainees MOU.

Application Process

  1. Department identities a staffing need for an entry level position
  2. Client department finds suitable candidate on ICGP database with the assistance of the Client Services Representative
  3. The Department fills out an application which is sent to HR Client Services
  4. Each application will be assessed and approved for the duration of the program, (ie. 12 months for when the applicant meets the qualifications of the position and up to 24 months under the trainee MOU).
  5. The hiring manager, in cooperation with the CS Representative, develops assessment materials
  6. An assessment is conducted.  This may include an assignment and/or interview
  7. References will be conducted on a candidate as the final step in determining suitability.
  8. Upon placement  a training plan must be submitted to Client Services