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How do I hire an allied health casual employee?

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Casual is a person hired for a period of four months or less to do work of a temporary nature.

The Allied Health Recruitment Unit provides specialized recruitment of allied health professionals in all regions.

Allied Health professionals are health care professionals who are involved with the delivery of health or related services pertaining to the diagnostic, technical, therapeutic, direct patient care and support services that are critical to the prevention of diseases and disorders.


  1. The Hiring Manager/Director obtains approval from the appropriate departmental authority to hire a casual. 
  2. The Hiring Manager/Director identifies the need for a casual and fills out the Request for Approval to Hire a Casual form or email and forwards to Human Resources
  3. Human Resources will sort the casual database for the requested information as per the departmental request and send all resumes of candidates back to the hiring manager within 24 hours
  4. The Hiring Manager can perform suitability interview if required or interview if there are applications that have not made it through the interview process (see note below).  Human Resources will assist with this process
  5. The Hiring Manager confirms the priority ranking with Human Resources
  6. Human Resources then completes the verbal Job Offer and advises the Hiring Manager that a written job offer will follow
  7. Human Resources prepares required paperwork and works with removals administrator if required

*Note* An interview process occurs monthly with a pre-determined Hiring Team that consists of Human Resources and Departmental/Authority staff.  This process will include interviews and reference checks.

Before you begin the hiring process…

If a criminal records check is required for a position, or if the employee is required to drive a GNWT vehicle in the performance of their duties, this must be identified by the hiring manager, at the beginning of the casual hiring process, on the Request for Approval to Hire a Casual Form

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Registered Nurses Association of the Northwest Territories and Nunavut

Types of Positions that Fall Under the Allied Health Unit:


Manager, Nursing Units

Charge Lab Tech / X-Ray Assistant

Mental Health and Addictions Counsellors

Chief Radiology Technician

Nurse Educator / Mentor

Child, Youth and Family Counsellor

Nurse in Charge

Clinic Coordinator – Psychiatry

Occupational Health Nurse

Clinic LPN

Occupational Therapist

Clinic Nurse

Operating Room Charge Nurse

Clinic Supervisor

Ophthalmic Technician

Clinical Educator Coordinator

Patient Care Coordinator

Clinical Supervisor

Personal Care Attendant

Combined Lab / X-Ray Tech

Pharmacist Technician

Community Health Coordinator

Pharmacy Supervisor

Community Health Nurse


Community Health Rep

Prevention Health Promotion Workers

Community Social Worker

Primary Care Nurse Practitioner

Community Wellness Worker

Public Health / Home Care Nurse

CPNP Coordinator

Public Health Nurse

Dental Therapists

Radiological Technologist

Diabetic Educator, Dietician

Radiology Tech / Sonographer

Diabetic Nurse Educator

Regional CPNP Nutritionist

Elder Day Program Rec Assistant

Regional Nutrition – YKHSSA

Elder Day Program Rec Programmer

Regional Nutritionist – BDHSSA

Entry Level Nurse

Registered Dietician Part Time

General Duty Nurse

Registered Midwife

Health & Safety Coordinator

Registered Nurse

Health Records

Rehabilitation Therapist

Home Care Coordinator

Relief Pool Nurse

Home Care Nurse

Resident Care Aide II

Institutional Nurse

Respiratory Therapist

Institutional Nursing Supervisor

Section Head Chemistry

Intern – Audiometric Technician

Senior Tech Comp Tomography

Intern – Physiotherapist

Social Workers (all levels)

Laboratory Assistant


Laboratory Supervisor

Sonographer / Radiological Tech

Laboratory Technologist

Specialist Clinic LPN

Licensed Practical Nurse

Speech Language Pathologist

Long Term Care Nurse Supervisor

Staff Pharmacist

Mammography Technician

Supervisor, Long Term Care

Mammography Technologist

Technical Supervisor

Manager, Continuing Care

Technical Supervisor, Bacteriology

*Any Health Profession (no Clerks, Janitors or Administrative Roles) 

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