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Expanding Your Capacity to Manage Conflict - face to face delivery

Wednesday March 29, 2023 to Thursday March 30, 2023
9:00am to 4:00pm

This is an Aurora College, Yellowknife Campus workshop.  For information/registration please contact Karen Horn at (867) 920-8802 or email

Conflict is an inevitable part of life and when managed effectively, can result in collaborative, innovative and creative opportunities.  However, many of us have not received much formal training in how to manage interpersonal conflict effectively and we may find ourselves avoiding it or mismanaging it, resulting in unnecessary corrosive workplaces and spaces.  In this workshop, participants will examine their own unique relationship with interpersonal conflict and explore tools and practices to guide their response range appropriately so that they may enhance their practice of responding to conflict, instead of reacting to it. 

Workshop price includes:

  • An online conflict management self-assessment called the Thomas Kilmann Instrument (prior to the workshop).
  • A customized report to summarize your default preferences when managing interpersonal conflict (during the workshop).
  • 2-days of working with like-minded leaders from the NWT as they continue to strengthen their conflict management practice.
  • Practical tools and methods to support managing interpersonal conflict
  • A workbook to use during and following the workshop.

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