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Appendix A12 – Marine Workers

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A12.01The provisions of the Collective Agreement shall apply to employees operating the ferry services for the Department of Transportation except as modified by the Appendix. In any case where a provision contained in this Appendix conflicts with a provision of the Collective Agreement, the provision contained in this Appendix shall prevail.
A12.02Marine workers in term and indeterminate positions are deemed as seasonal employees.
A12.03The standard scheduling of regular hours of work for marine workers, for seasonal operations, will be pro-rated for the period of the season based on the yearly hours of 1950.
A12.04The daily scheduled hours of work may be up to a maximum of twelve (12) hours. The applicable overtime rates shall apply to shift hours greater than eight (8).
A12.05Marine Captains, Marine Engineers, and First Mates, may be scheduled up to a maximum of 28 continuous days of work.
A12.06Marine Engineers will be required to report to work one-half hour prior to the first scheduled daily run of the ferry to prepare the vessel and one-half hour after the last daily run of the ferry to shut down the vessel, when operations are not on a continuous 24 hours 7days per week basis. The applicable overtime rate shall apply.
A12.07Due to the operational requirements for winter service and the Employer’s inability to accurately forecast changing river conditions for ferry operations, the Employer requires flexibility in scheduling employees’ hours of work and shift schedules. This may include a decrease in hours of work during the winter months to eight (8) hours per shift, to allow for an additional crew to maintain operations on a 24-hour basis or an increase in hours of work to up to twelve (12) hours to maintain operations on a 24- hours basis. The Employer and the Union agree to waive the 14-day minimum requirement of article 22.03(a)(ii), for the winter operational period only. Where the Employer revises the employee’s work schedule, the employee shall be compensated at the rate of time and one-half (1 ½) for the first full shift worked on the new schedule. Subsequent shifts worked on the new schedule shall be paid for at the straight time rate.
A12.08Designated paid holidays will be paid based on the employee’s normal working day plus double time for all hours worked.
A12.09When the Employer supplies tools, the Tool allowance will not be paid.

The Employer agrees to provide the following clothing to employees in Marine operations:

  • Boot allowance in accordance with Article 46.06 at the start of the season
  • Coveralls, gloves, goggles and appropriate winter wear in accordance with Article 46.
A12.11Deck Hands and Oilers who are unable to return to their home base overnight will be provided with per diems in accordance with Article 45.