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Appendix A4 – Term Employees

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A4.01The Employer shall hire term employees for a period not to exceed forty-eight (48) months of continuous employment in any particular department, board or agency.
A4.02Term Employees shall be entitled to all the provisions of this Collective Agreement.  Terms of six months or less are not eligible to contribute to the pension plan (Superannuation), the Public Service Health Care Plan and to disability insurance.
A4.03If an Employee in a term position is to be extended beyond 48 months of continuous employment in that position, the Employer shall consult with the Union.
A4.04Where vacation leave or the use of lieu time has been denied due to operational requirements, Term Employees will be allowed to use any unused vacation leave and lieu time to extend their employment.  Where employment is extended at the request of the Employee, if the new term exceeds 48 months consultation with the Union is not required.
A4.05Term Employees shall be entitled to Maternity and Parental Leave allowances provided the Employee’s current term of employment provides sufficient time to completely fulfill the return of service commitment required after the return from maternity or parental leave.