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Appendix A5 – Casual Employees

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The Employer shall hire casual employees for a period not to exceed four (4) months of continuous employment in any particular department, board or agency.

Where the Employer anticipates the period of temporary employment to be in excess of four (4) months, the employee shall be appointed on a term basis and shall be entitled to all provisions of the Collective Agreement from the first day of his/her employment.


The Employer shall ensure that a series of casual employees will not be employed in lieu of establishing a full-time position or filling a vacant position.

An employee will not be hired as a casual employee to perform the same job as the employee performs in the employee’s position. Any hours in excess of or outside of the employee’s regularly scheduled hours of work in the same job shall be paid as overtime.

An employee who is on leave for greater than 14 calendar days may accept casual employment within the same Authority provided the employee is not performing the tasks within the same facility as their substantive position.

The Employer shall consult with the Union before a former casual employee is rehired in a particular division if that former casual employee had worked in that division as a casual employee performing the same duties at any time within the 30 working days immediately preceding the date of rehire.

A5.03A casual employee shall be entitled to the provisions of this Collective Agreement except as follows:
 (a)Clause 2.01(f) "Continuous Employment" in respect of a casual employee shall include any period of employment with the Employer which has not been broken by more than thirty (30) working days.  Provided always that there will be no systematic release and rehire of casuals into the same positions primarily as a means of avoiding the creation of indeterminate employment or paying wages and benefits associated therewith.
 (b)The following Articles and Clauses contained in this Collective Agreement do not apply to casual employees:
  (i)Article 18 - Entire Article except Clause 18.05
Article 20 - Sick Leave Clauses 20.09 and 20.10.
  (ii)Article 21 - Other Types of Leave - Clause 21.04 and 21.05
  (iii)Article 33 - Lay-off.
  (iv)Article 39 - Superannuation.
  (v)Article 35 - Employee Performance Review and Employee Files.
  (vi)Article 43 – Relocation Expenses on Initial Appointment and Subsequent Moves As An Employee
  (vii)Article 48 - Entire Article.
 (c)The following Article in the Collective Agreement shall apply as:
  (i)Article 16 - Designated Paid Holidays shall apply to a casual employee after fifteen (15) calendar days of continuous employment.
A5.04A casual employee shall upon commencement of employment be notified of the anticipated termination of his/her employment, and shall be provided a one day notice of lay-off for each week of continuous employment to a maximum of ten (10) days notice.
A5.05Casual employees are entitled to be paid on a bi-weekly basis for services rendered at the appropriate pay range at a minimum of the Casual Step set out in Appendix B.
A5.06A casual employee hired from outside the community in which he/she will be working will be eligible for the following relocation expenses in and out of the community:
  a)Airfare for the employee, by the most economical and direct means;
  b)Duty travel per diem rates as per 45.05(a);
  c)One day’s pay each way
  d)Excess baggage (not including pets or food stuffs) to a maximum of four (4) pieces not more than 25 kg each, for the employee
 A casual employee hired from outside the community in which he/she will be working will be eligible for lodging up to 10 days in the community of work.
A5.07Unless otherwise agreed upon by the Employer and the Union, the standard hours of work for casual employees on a daily and weekly basis is based on the standard work week of similar fulltime positions.