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Article 35 - Employee Performance Review and Employee Files

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35.01 (a) When a formal review of an employee's performance is made, the employee concerned shall be given the opportunity to discuss and then sign the review form in question to indicate that its contents have been read and understood. The employee shall also be given the opportunity to provide written comments to be attached to his/her performance appraisal. The employee shall be permitted up to 14 days from the time he or she is presented with the review form to provide his or her signature and written comments.
(b) After the employee has signed the performance appraisal, the employee’s supervisor who completed the appraisal shall not add any further comments.
(c) Should the employee’s reviewing officer add any comments to the employee’s performance appraisal, the employee shall be entitled to comment on the reviewing officer’s comments within 14 days of the date that the employee is provided with the reviewing officer’s comments.
(d) The employee may use the grievance procedure in Article 37 to correct any factual inaccuracies in his/her performance appraisal.
(e) The formal review of an employee's performance shall also incorporate an opportunity for the employee to state his/her career development goals and that every effort be made to develop the career potentials of each individual through In-Service Training, Retraining, or any other facets of career development which may be available.
35.02 The Employer agrees not to introduce as evidence in the case of promotional opportunities or disciplinary action any document from the file of an employee, the existence of which the employee was not made aware, by the provision of a copy thereof at the time of filing or within a reasonable period thereafter.
35.03 Any document or written statement related to disciplinary action, which may have been placed on the Personnel file of an employee, shall be destroyed after 18 months of employment have elapsed since the disciplinary action was taken provided that no further disciplinary action has been recorded during this period.
35.04 Upon written request of an employee, the personnel file of that employee shall be made available for his/her examination at reasonable times in the presence of an authorized representative of the Employer.