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Article 48 - Short Term Leave for Training Purposes

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48.01Leave with or without pay to take advanced or supplementary professional or technical training of less than one academic year may be granted to employees with the approval of the Employer.
48.02Such leave shall be based on an appraisal of the present and future job requirements and/or the qualifications of the employee applying and shall be granted only to meet the identified needs.
 (a)Full or partial financial assistance in respect of salary, tuition, travelling and other expenses may be granted during such leave:
  (i)where the employee has become technically obsolete and requires retraining to satisfactorily carry out the work; or
  (ii)where the courses are required to keep the employee abreast of new knowledge and techniques in his field of work or to maintain certification; or
  (iii)where qualified persons cannot be recruited to carry out essential work and it is necessary to train present employees.
 (b)Under this Article, leave with full or partial financial assistance in respect of salary will carry with it the obligation to return after leave to work for the Public Service in the Northwest Territories for a period equivalent to the leave.
48.03Where a request for leave under this Article has been submitted by an employee, the Employer shall, within a reasonable period from the date of the employee's submission, advise the employee whether his/her request has been approved or denied.
48.04Education Assistants and School Community Counsellors attending conferences approved by the Employer shall be on leave with pay and will have their travel and conference expenses paid.
48.05An employee who attends a recognized educational institution in order to remain certified in a professional occupation, when such certification is required by law and used in the normal course of employment, shall be granted leave with pay. The Employer will reimburse the employee any registration or tuition fees incurred by the employee and all travel expenses in accordance with Article 45 of the Agreement.
48.06Where approved by the Employer, employees shall be reimbursed, upon successful completion, for correspondence courses and other training taking place outside of their normal working hours. This may include expenses related to tuition and course materials. Approval by the Employer and reimbursement of expenses shall not be unreasonably denied.