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Article 55 - Violence in the Workplace

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55.01The Employer and the Union recognize that every employee has a right to freedom from violence in the workplace. Violence refers to any conduct directed towards a staff member that hurts or causes harm through verbal, physical, sexual or psychological means. Workplace violence involves any incidents where an employee is abused, threatened, or assaulted during the course of his/her employment. This includes the application of force, threat with or without a weapon and severe verbal abuse.
55.02(a)It is further recognized that certain employees, while in the workplace may be at risk of physical violence or verbal abuse from clients, persons in care or in custody, or the public.
 (b)Where such risk exists, the Employer and the Union shall meet to determine appropriate responses.  In addition, the Employer shall:
  (i)provide non-violent crisis intervention training;
  (ii)clearly inform employees of the potential for physical violence or verbal abuse from a client, a person in care or in custody, or a member of the public;
  (iii)make available immediate defusing, critical incident stress debriefing, and/or post-traumatic counselling to employees who have suffered as a result of workplace violence.
55.03When an employee has suffered violence in the workplace, the Employer will immediately investigate the situation in accordance with the steps outlined in the Safety and Health Provisions of this Collective Agreement, the Safety Act and any other relevant jurisdictional policies and procedures.
55.04The Employer will keep the appropriate Union representatives informed of ongoing developments for each situation under investigation.