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MOU – Hay Job Evaluation System

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The parties agree that the Hay Job Evaluation guide charts when used in conjunction with benchmark positions either set out in the Job Evaluation Manual or to be included therein, must be such as to provide for gender neutral job evaluations.  The parties also agree that the job evaluation appeal process under Article 36 of the Collective Agreement has been devised to provide a joint and independent process for ensuring that each individual job evaluation result is gender-neutral.

Therefore, the parties agree to the following process:


The Deputy Head shall, at the end of each month, refer all appeals that have been received in the applicable month to a Job Evaluation Appeal Board under Article 36.04(1).


The Job Evaluation Appeal Board shall group positions under appeal that may be the same or similar and select one or a small sample of positions to determine whether the evaluations are proper.  If a unanimous evaluation decision is not reached, the selected position(s) shall be referred to the Job Evaluation Review Board for a majority evaluation decision.


The Deputy Head shall implement the evaluation decision in (2) above for the selected position(s).  The Deputy Head shall also forward the evaluation decision from (2) above along with all the other positions under appeal in (2) above to the appropriate Departmental Job Evaluation Committee.  The Departmental Job Evaluation Committee shall examine the evaluations for all the other positions under appeal taking into account the evaluation decision in 2 above.  The Job Evaluation Committee shall also examine the evaluations for other positions that might be impacted by the evaluation decision in (2) above. The Job Evaluation Committee shall forward the results of its examination of the job evaluations for the other positions under appeal and other impacted positions to the applicable immediate supervisor.


The Immediate Supervisor or a representative of management who is knowledgeable in the Job Evaluation System shall discuss the evaluation results from (3) above with the employee.  The employee has the right to accept the results, or, in the case of a position already under appeal, ask that the appeal be pursued under Article 36.04 and, in the case of an impacted position, appeal the evaluation decision.  If accepted, the results will be implemented in the same manner as the decision(s) in (2) above were implemented.  If the results are not accepted, the original appeal or a new appeal as applicable will be decided under Article 36.04.

The parties further agree to compile and update an addendum to the Job Evaluation Manual that contains all the decisions with respect to job evaluation appeals.  The addendum shall contain the job description, organization chart, the job evaluation string results and rationale for each appeal decision.  The addendum shall become an additional tool to assist the Departmental Job Evaluation Committees with the evaluation of positions and the Job Evaluation Appeal and Review Boards in deciding future appeals under Article 36.04.