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PeopleSoft Self Service

SAM/HRIS (PeopleSoft) is an employee information and pay system. It allows you to:

  • View and change personal information
  • Enter working hours (if applicable)
  • Enter leave and keep track of leave balances
  • Review dependant and benefit information
  • View compensatory information like pay advice, T4s, and salary history
  • Complete travel authorizations and expense reports (if applicable)
  • Reconcile Visa One statements (if applicable)
  • Enroll in learning courses offered to employees and access online self-study courses

All employees have access to the PeopleSoft Self Service online course through the Enterprise Learning Management (ELM) system. This 10-module training course is available both for new users and as a refresher.  They contain PeopleSoft processes for employees for Self Service functions, such as performance document self-evaluations, timesheets, time entry, payroll information, personal information and benefits plan details. Also available are User Productivity Kits (UPKs) that allow employees to view, try, do, and print the processes for the above mentioned areas. 

Also available through the ELM system is the PeopleSoft Manager Self Service online course. This course is made up of seven (7) modules, covering topics such as delegations, employee evaluations (Performance Documents), time entry and approvals. Similar to the general employee PeopleSoft Self Service, UPKs are also available to assist with Manager Self Service, Hiring Manager tasks and using the ELM system to approve and monitor employee learning. 


First time signing onto PeopleSoft HRIS? 

User ID: firstname.lastname (all lowercase)

Password: Employee ID (6 digits) + the first three digits of their Social Insurance Number (SIN) + the first 3 letters of employee birth month (all uppercase). Employee ID's can be obtained by contacting the HR Helpdesk.

Ensure you set up your Forgotten Password Help

Find information on setting up your Direct Deposit

If additional assistance is required, please contact


Documentation Sessions

To prevent delays in your access to various compulsory or optional benefits please email to schedule a benefits documentation session.

Remember to bring the following to your session:

  • A copy of your birth certificate;

  • A copy of your dependant’s birth certificate (if applicable);

  • Marriage certificate or common-law statutory declaration (if applicable).

There is also the Onboarding Training for Employees online self-study course, comprised of 9 modules, to assist employees who are new to the GNWT. You can register for this course through navigating to the ELM system by clicking on the Learning Tile in SAM/HRIS (PeopleSoft) Employee Self Service.