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Updating Your Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit information is what payroll uses to deposit your pay.  You have access to setup your initial direct deposit information, change your banking information or to set up multiple accounts. Ensure that you adhere to Self-Service Cut-Offs.

  • Log on to Self Service
  • Go to Self Service > Payroll and Compensation > Direct Deposit
  • Click Add Account to set up your initial direct deposit or click Edit to update your Direct Deposit information.

 Remember this is where your pay is automatically deposited.

  • Add your new account or change your Account Type, Bank ID and Account Number.
  • Enter the Bank ID, Branch ID and Account Number found on the bottom of your cheque. If you have a savings account, your bank can give you these numbers. The Bank ID is a three-digit number unique to every bank and identifies the financial institution. The Branch ID or Branch Transit # is the five digit number on your cheque. The Account Number is the seven-digit number on your cheque.
  • The Deposit Order is to be set to 100.
  • Click Save.

NOTE: You do not need to submit a void cheque to have this confirmed. When you click “Save”, the information has been confirmed in the system

Regarding Multiple Deposits

Each direct deposit can be stated as either a percent of net pay or a dollar amount. For example, suppose that an employee wants $200 deposited to a savings account, and the remaining net pay deposited to a checking account.

First, edit your current account as follows:

Deposit Type: Change to Balance

Deposit Order: Change to 2 (after 'Save', this will change to 999)

Then add a new account, and add in your banking information. input as follows:

Account Type Select Desired
Deposit Type Amount
Amount or Percent 200
Deposit Order 1

This will first take the $200 and deposit to your new account, then deposit the balance of your cheque (remaining amount) to your original account.

To set a percentage to be deposited instead, change the Deposit Type to "Percent", and the Amount or Percent to the desired percentage (numbers only).