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Family and Personal Events

Birth and Adoption

Congratulations on your new addition! Before your child arrives, find out how to request leave, change your benefits and beneficiary designations, and access new parent support programs.  

Marriage & Common Law Partnerships

Getting married or entering into a common-law partnership may mean a change to your benefits or personal information. Contat the HRHelpDesk to find out how this may impact your benefits. 

Crisis and Emergencies

Balancing the demands and responsibilities of our jobs, families and lives can be tough - especially when unexpected or challenging events arise at home or work. Find out what assistance is available to you. 

Loss of a Loved One

If you have lost your spouse or a dependent child, there are benefits and services available to support you. The Benefits Specialists are available to discuss your situation and let you know about any impacts to your benefits. Contact the HRHelpDesk to reach a Benefits Specialist in your Region. 

Divorce and Separation

A divorce or the end of a domestic partnership can be a difficult time, and it's easy to overlook the various documents which may need to be updated. To help support you during this transition, contact the HRHelpDesk to reach a Benefits Specialist in your region.