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0108 - Regrets

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  1. After the proposed appointee accepts the conditional verbal job offer, it is necessary to advise unsuccessful candidates about the outcome of the competition.



  1. Affirmative Action Candidates are those candidates who belong to eligible designated group under the GNWT’s Affirmative Action Policy.
  2. Human Resources Representative means those employees of the Department of Finance designated to co-ordinate the recruitment process.
  3. Job Offer is a verbal or written offer of employment that specifies the terms and conditions of the employment arrangement. 
  4. Regret is a phone-call, letter, email or fax advising unsuccessful candidates about the outcome of a competition and, if applicable, their right to appeal the decision of the Selection Committee.
  5. Selection Committee includes, but is not necessarily restricted to, a Human Resources Representative and the Supervisor of the position being filled.  Where appropriate, a member with technical expertise or community representative may be added to the Selection Committee, either as a full participant or in an advisory capacity with no vote in the final hiring decision.
  6. GNWT Employees are those individuals who are currently or were employed by the GNWT or WSCC on an indeterminate, term or casual basis at the time they applied on a competition.



  1. The Human Resources Representative shall contact all applicants on a competition to advise them of the outcome.
  2. A verbal regret is the preferred method of communicating the outcome of a competition as it gives the candidate an opportunity to discuss the results of their application and ask questions.
  3. The Human Resources Representative shall not leave phone messages as a method of offering regrets.
  4. If a candidate cannot be reached by phone, the Human Resources Representative may use a letter, fax or e-mail to communicate the outcome of a competition.
    E-mail may only be used if an applicant provided their e-mail address in their eRecruit application, resume, cover letter or during the course of the competition.
  5. The Selection Committee or Human Resources Representative may offer detailed feedback to unsuccessful candidates.
  6. The Human Resources Representative will not disclose copies of tests, interview questions, Selection Committee notes, ranking forms, candidate ratings, reference checks, or information about other candidates.
  7. The Human Resources Representative will inform unsuccessful candidates with appeal rights of the appeal process under the Staffing Appeals Regulations.



  1. Once the successful candidate accepts the conditional verbal offer, the Human Resources Representative attempts to contact all unsuccessful candidates and provide them with a regret.
  2. The Human Resources Representative advises Affirmative Action candidates and GNWT/WSCC employees about their appeal rights and what they must do in order to appeal the decision of the Selection Committee.


Authorities and References

NWT Public Service Act
Section 17(2), Appeal of Minister’s decision


Staffing Appeals Regulations