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Continuous Development

General Competency


Continuous Development involves proactively taking actions to improve personal capability to meet organizational goals. It involves being willing to assess one’s level of development, expertise and performance relative to one’s current job, or as part of focused career planning.

Behavioural Scales

Level 1

  • Looks only at previously learned approaches to generate solutions within own discipline.
  • Shows limited curiosity to learn about new approaches and what value they could add. 

Level 2

  • Keeps abreast of new information and developments or best practices in own field of expertise (e.g., by reading, liaising with organization and business core group contacts, or by attending learning events).
  • Stays current with new tools, methods, technologies or approaches that may potentially impact the overall business of the organization. 

Level 3

  • Analyzes own performance to understand positive experiences and set-backs and takes specific short-term action to improve performance in current job.
  • Applies learning on the job.
  • Identifies underlying causes for success or lack of success, and takes action to ensure future success. 

Level 4

  • Actively seeks feedback from others including colleagues, customers/clients and managers, and integrates the results into personal development efforts.
  • Takes feedback and suggestions for personal learning and integrates these in own personal action plan. 

Level 5

  • Seeks out new information and opportunities to enhance competencies and integrates the results into own career planning.
  • Takes action to improve own abilities in line with career goals, including volunteering for “stretch” assignments and taking on increased responsibilities. 

Level 6

  • Uses knowledge of own and/or other areas of expertise and an in-depth business understanding to create a vision of what the business could be with the application of new or emerging approaches, tools, methods and/or technologies.
  • Taps into the knowledge of a wide variety of sources to create a vision of the future and subsequent implications.