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Health & Safety

As an employer, the GNWT recognizes the importance of healthy and safe workplaces and employees. Employee wellness is an important part of a successful workplace. To learn more, please visit the Workers' Safety and Compensation Commission's website below:

GNWT Health, Safety and Wellness 

Health, Safety and Wellness Policy

NWT Safety Legislation

Safety Act – English / French (NT-PDF)

A complete listing of legislation can be found by visiting the GNWT’s Department of Justice website.  Safety legislation is located on the Workers’ Safety and Compensation Commission’s website.

Canada Labour Code (R.S.C., 1985, c.L-2)

The Canada Labour Code ("the Code") governs the health and safety intended for employers and employees working under federal jurisdiction.

For an overview of the Canada Labour Code, Part II click here.

Worker’s Safety and Compensation Commission (WSCC) links

The WSCC publishes codes of practice that provide practical guidance to help stakeholders achieve safety standards required by the Northwest Territories and Nunavut Safety Acts and Regulations. To view the codes of practice, please visit the Workers’ Safety and Compensation Commissions website.

  • Worker Rights and Responsibilities

To learn more about workers’ rights and responsibilities, click here.

WSCC Poster: Worker Rights

Right to Refuse (English | French)

Right to Know (English | French)

Right to Participate (English | French)

  • Incident Reporting Procedures


The injury reporting process for workers can be found on WSCC’s website.


The injury reporting process for employers can be found on WSCC’s website.

GNWT Occupational Health and Safety Forms and Resources

Incident Report and Investigation Form

Hazard Report Form

OHS Orientation: New Employee Checklist

Recommendations for PPE in an office environment

Workplace Inspection Checklist Template

Employee Training Record

OHS Orientation: Contractor Checklist

Health and Safety Education and Training Program

Employees and Managers can access training opportunities by logging into SAM/HRIS and clicking the new Learning tile.

Personal Protective Equipment

UNW Collective Agreement – Article 46- Uniforms and Protective Clothing

UNW Collective Agreement – Appendix A7- Trades

WSCC Codes of Practice – Personal Protective Equipment