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Workforce Development Framework

The Workforce Development Framework provides the structure for GNWT employees and managers to plan for and participate in education and training programs and activities and in employment support services that allow employees to develop and improve access to learning and development opportunities within the GNWT and opportunities for advancement within the GNWT.

The Framework outlines the Government of the Northwest Territories (GNWT) Learning and Development programs with the goals of:

  • Providing a model for learning and development to foster a learning culture across the GNWT; 
  • Improving awareness for employees and managers of approaches to workforce development; and 
  • Identifying areas for continuous improvement in the GNWT approach to workforce development. 

The Framework also includes a comprehensive list of learning and development approaches available to GNWT employees, organized by four primary pathways:

  1. Formal and directed learning
  2. Self-directed skill development
  3. Learning through experience
  4. Learning through people