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Performance Development

What is Performance Development?

Performance Development is a marriage between performance management and employee development based on GNWT's Competency Model. Performance Development occurs on an annual basis; it starts with setting effective work objectives, understanding GNWT’s Core Competencies, and setting learning goals, followed by communication between a supervisor and employee that occurs regularly in support of achieving the established work objectives, demonstrating behaviours that support the competencies, and achieving the learning goals.

 Using ePerformance, the employee will add the established work objectives to their performance document and the supervisor can review, update, and approve the set work objectives.

Communication is encouraged to occur regularly to discuss the progress of the established work objectives, the competencies and behaviours that support success within the position level, and set learning goals.

Evaluation based on the established work objectives, competencies, and learning goals will occur at the end of the fiscal year, season, or term. If an employee exits mid-year, goes on leave or transfers, the evaluations can occur prior to the exit. Employees complete a Self-Evaluation and the supervisor completes a Manager Evaluation. Both evaluations occur within the employee’s performance document within ePerformance.


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