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Organizational Awareness

General Competency


Organizational Awareness is the acumen to appreciate and the ability to use the formal and informal roles, relationships and structures in either one’s own, or other, organization(s). This includes the ability to identify the real decision-makers and the individuals who can influence them; and to predict how new events or situations will affect individuals and groups within the organization.

Behavioural Scales

Level 1

  • Recognizes or uses the formal structure or hierarchy of an organization, “chain of command,” positional power, rules and regulations, Standard Operating Procedure, etc. 

Level 2

  • Understands informal structures (identifies key actors, decision-influencers, etc.).
  • Applies this knowledge in support of the formal structure.
  • Knows how to get things done within the organization. 

Level 3

  • Recognizes and/or uses the informal structure of an organization.
  • Recognizes key influencers and applies this knowledge when formal structure does not work as well as desired. 

Level 4

  • Recognizes unspoken organizational limitations - what is and is not possible at certain times or in certain positions.
  • Recognizes and uses the corporate culture and the language, etc., that will produce the best response. 

Level 5

  • Understands, describes (or uses) ongoing power relationships within the organization (alliances, rivalries), with a clear sense of organizational impact.
  • Builds broad-based support for an idea based on an understanding of the informal hierarchies and the organizational culture. 

Level 6

  • Understands (and addresses) the reasons for ongoing organizational behaviour or the underlying problems, opportunities or political forces affecting the organization.
  • Demonstrates understanding of the reasons or history behind decisions or practices, and takes these into account when deciding on a course of action.