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Relationship Building

General Competency


Relationship Building is working to build or maintain ethical relationships or networks or contacts with people who are, or may be, potentially helpful in achieving work-related goals and establishing advantages. This could be people inside or outside the organization, stakeholders, clients, colleagues or others.

Behavioural Scales

Level 1

  • Makes a conscious effort to establish and build rapport with others, including non-task related conversation (for example about weather, current events, etc.).
  • Identifies and refers to areas of mutual interest as a means of establishing a personal relationship. 

Level 2

  • Meets regularly with others without specific objectives; maintains clear contact others to maintain relationship.
  • May initiate opportunities designed to improve the longer-term working relationship with internal contacts. 

Level 3

  • Calls upon established relationships to gain entry to higher levels/decision-makers or to achieve an important goal.
  • Understands and looks for opportunities to strengthen the relationship. 

Level 4

  • Identifies significant opportunities for contribution, identifies key external contacts and finds ways to make personal connections.
  • Nurtures the relationship over time to build rapport and trust and develop a basis for future interactions. 

Level 5

  • Develops and maintains a network of relationships, both internal and external to the GNWT.
  • Uses the network to identify opportunities, gather information, and seek input to problems, with a view to sustaining excellence. 

Level 6

  • Develop partnerships and maintains strategic relationships and partnerships based on an in-depth knowledge and understanding of each other's roles.