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Teamwork and Cooperation

General Competency


Teamwork and Cooperation is the ability to work cooperatively within diverse teams, work groups and across the organization to achieve group and organizational goals. It includes the desire and ability to understand and respond effectively to other people from diverse backgrounds with diverse views.

Behavioural Scales

Level 1

  • Participates willingly, is a “good team player,” does his/her share of the work.
  • Supports team decisions.
  • Reiterates information to check understanding before responding or drawing conclusions.
  • Listens and responds constructively to other team members’ ideas.
  • Helps and encourages team members. 

Level 2

  • Expresses positive expectations of others in terms of their abilities, expected contributions, etc.; speaks of team members in positive terms.
  • Shows respect for others’ intelligence by appealing to reason.
  • Demonstrates to others that they see things from another’s perspective. 

Level 3

  • Genuinely values others’ input and expertise, is willing to learn from others (including subordinates and peers).
  • Values others’ input and solicits ideas and opinions to help form specific decisions or plans.
  • Responds to people’s concerns in a proactive manner that promotes long-term solutions. 

Level 4

  • Promotes team co-operation by involving key people needed to achieve results.
  • Publicly credits others who have performed well.
  • Facilitates and influences teams to achieve positive outcomes.
  • Treats people with dignity and respect.
  • Removes barriers to positive team effectiveness/performance.
  • Encourages input, teamwork and co-operation from others. 

Level 5

  • Acts to promote a welcoming, productive climate, good morale and co-operation.
  • Resolves team conflicts.
  • Protects/promotes group reputation with outsiders.
  • Builds and empowers teams to achieve organizational goals.
  • Models effective teamwork and holds people accountable for being good team players. 

Level 6

  • Manages difficult and complex team and organizational interactions.
  • Collaborates across internal and external organizational boundaries to meet common objectives.
  • Develops and maintains win/win relationships and partnerships.
  • Develops networks and builds alliances.