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Appendix A2 – Corrections Officers

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It is understood that the following Appendix applies to Corrections Security Shift Workers (Corrections Officers, Corrections Supervisors, Youth Officers, Senior Youth Officers and Corrections Service Workers).
A2.01Clauses 16.02, 16.03, 16.04, 16.06, 16.07, 18.01(3), 22.02, 22.03(a), 22.03(b) and 22.04 do not apply.
A2.02(a)Every officer shall be assigned to a shift in accordance with the operational requirements of the service; the Employer shall make every reasonable effort to schedule shifts so that employees rotate between shifts on an equitable basis.
 (b)The Employer shall make every reasonable effort to allocate overtime work on an equitable basis among readily available qualified employees who are normally required, in their regular duties, to perform that work.


Hours of duty shall be scheduled so that the employees work a shift rotation based on seven (7) regular days "on", three (3) regular days “off”" and seven (7) regular days "on", four (4) regular days "off".The shift rotation for a particular facility may be changed through mutual agreement between the employees and the Employer if the majority (fifty percent plus one) of employees are in agreement, provided that the annual hours of work do not exceed 1950 hours. Regular hours of work for full-time employees inclusive of meal periods shall be:
  i.eight (8) consecutive hours per day. thousand, nine hundred and fifty (1,950) hours per year.
  iii.a maximum of seven (7) consecutive shifts.
 (b)Regular hours shall be deemed to:
  (i)include as scheduled by the Employer, two (2) rest periods with pay totaling thirty (30) minutes during each full working shift of eight (8) hours; commencing on or about mid-way between starting time and the meal break, and mid-way between the meal break and the end of the shift, or
  (ii)include one meal period of thirty (30) minutes which shall be scheduled by the Employer in a full shift of eight (8) hours. An employee shall be entitled to one scheduled meal period if the employee works eight (8) hours.
  (iii)if an employee is recalled to duty during the employee's meal period, the employee shall be given the time not taken later in the shift.
A2.04The Employer agrees to provide a hot meal to employees working on the shift between 0800 and 1600 daily and to provide food for other employees to prepare their own meals on the remaining two (2) shifts daily. The specified meal period will be scheduled as close to the midpoint of the shift as possible.  During this meal period the officers may be away from their place of duty, but not off the premises, providing at least two (2) officers, one being the Control Officer, remain on duty at all times.  This latter requirement will not apply to the midnight to morning shift.
A2.05The Employer will permit mutual shift exchanges subject to the following requirements:
 (a)There shall be no financial penalty to the Employer; and
 (b)Both employees must signify their mutual agreement by notifying the Employer not less than forty-eight (48) hours in advance of each requested change.
A2.06Corrections Officers assigned outside of the Corrections Centres to field operations where regular eight (8) hour shifts have not been scheduled, shall receive, in addition to their regular pay, pay for six (6) additional hours at the rate of time and one-half (1 1/2) for each twenty-four (24) hour period of such assignments.
A2.07The Employer shall set up a master shift work schedule and post it one calendar month in advance. This schedule will cover the normal shift requirements of the work area.
A2.08The normal hours of work of the Institutional Nurse shall be thirty-seven and one-half (37 1/2) hours per week.
A2.09(a)The Employer will provide all new indeterminate, term or part-time employees with less than one year of experience in the field a ten (10) day training program consisting of classroom and on-the-job training before being required to function independently as a Corrections Officer.
 (b)Except in the case of emergencies, casual employees will work under the supervision of a Corrections Officer II for at least two (2) days and no casual employee shall be required to work more than five (5) shifts without receiving two (2) days training with the staff training officer.